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Denon DJ X1800 Prime 4-Ch DJ Mixer

Brand Name:
Denon DJ
15.00 KGS
Next business day despatch
Warranty :
24-month Australian warranty

Product Description

Denon DJ X1800 Prime

Professional 4-Channel DJ Mixer

Building on the prestige of Denon DJ's fabled 'X' range of mixers (X1600, X1700) comes the X1800 Prime - boasting the famed sound quality of Denon, but with modern connectivity and feature set, the perfect "heart" of your DJ system The X1800 is a 4-channel DJ mixer with powerful and creative features such as dedicated Sweep and BPM FX controls, 2 x EQ modes, FX touchstrip, MIDI out and much more - all housed in a rugged metal chassis. Classic Denon.

Prime time power

The first thing you notice when looking at the X1800 is the sharp display screen, powered by OLED technology. Through this screen you have the instant visual feedback required to work the 12 built-in Denon effects, with the ability to quantize them to BPM. The 'Effects Quantization touch Strip' adds to the creative arsenal, giving easy access to rhythm based effects to colour your sound. The X1800's crossfader is the 'Flex Fader' - a perfect mix of smooth and robust, with plenty of adjustability as standard.

Get connected

X1800 Prime has four independent phono/line switchable channels, plus an added effects send and return. Additional to this are four digital inputs, 2 x USB inputs and DVS capability. The two mic inputs come loaded with a 2-band EQ. One important aspect is the ability to split cue as well as mix between the cue and master - ensuring your mix is always tight, regardless of your foldback. And of course Denon's famed audio circuitry delivers pristine, dynamic 24bit/96kHz audio output.

The Prime partner

The X1800's LAN newtwork hosts up to 4 x Denon SC5000 Prime media players, using the 'Engine Connect' protocol to sync BPM-based effects throughout. Two USB inputs with a dual interface also enable you to easily connect to DJ software as well as perform seamless DJ changeovers with no dreaded "dead air". There's even a MIDI out port included for controlling drum machines and synths etc. This is a bad-arse mixer, the perfect centre-piece for your Prime setup.

Crossfader are Authorised Denon DJ Australia Dealers.

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Denon X1800 PRIME 4-Channel Club Mixer 02:35

Get it at: The X1800 PRIME is Denon DJ’s new 4-Channel club mixer, adding exciting new features to an instantly-familiar top-panel layout, guaranteed to enhance any DJs creative performance. Dedicated Sweep and BPM FX combinations deliver dynamic control, and expressive EQ choices give DJs an unmatched ability to personalize their sound. Additional sonic options are present with an adjustable filter resonance control and a unique ‘touchstrip’ bar that adds beat increment changes to tempo-based FX.

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