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Akai MPC v NI Maschine +

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I think Akai have the advantage here:

A Dedicated Elctronic Drum monitor... Alesis STRIKE AMP 12

A welcome addition to the Alesis Electronic Drums family is the STRIKE AMP 12. A dedicated 2000w drum monitor with huge power and clarity of sound like nothing else on the market at this price point.FEATURES:2000 watts of peak power delivers clarity, punch and more than enough headroom for any performance or practice spaceSpecially-voiced 12-inch [...]

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Denon PRIME Series Software Updates Sounds Good

Latest version enables direct import of Rekordbox collections in Engine Prime, plus musical key-change/sync, on-screen crate/playlist editing and enhanced search capabilities to SC5000/M.Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, announced on 14th May 2019 that it has released their new V1.3.1 firmware update for the SC5000/M Prime media player and Engine [...]

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ALTO Professional Release New 2000w Subs... TS3S Series

There are times when even the best sound systems need additional low-frequency output and ā€œpunch.ā€ For those situations,Alto Professional proudly offers the TS312/315/318S family of powered subwoofers. These subwoofers extend the bassresponse of virtually any full-range speaker, relieving that speaker of the difficult task of having to reproduce the low bassfrequencies. This creates a system [...]

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Akai FORCE just keeps giving... Firmware Upgrade brings SPLICE

If you are lucky enough be an Akai Force user you may not know that with the latest firmware upgrade you gain a 3 month free trial of SPLICE.Splice integration Splice fuels the creativity of producers around the world with millions of high-quality, royalty-free samples, presets and loops, covering nearly every musical style. You can now download [...]

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iZotope bring Exponential Audio to the Table...

Crossfader is happy to now stock Exponential Audio. Exponential Audio develops world-class reverbs for audio professionals in music production, post production, and sound design.Founder and creator Michael Carnes, who worked on many of the most iconic Lexicon reverbs, brings his technical and creative expertise to these powerful and versatile plug-ins. Fit dialogue into scenes, mix in immersive [...]

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Denon PRIME 4 Tutorial Videos...

If you as excited as we are about the new Denon Prime 4 you are probably tracking this tutorial series of vids but if not, here they are so far for you viewing pleasure...Also, we are still open for pre orders HEREPrime 4 Tutorial 1Prime 4 Tutorial 2Prime 4 Tutorial 3Prime 4 Tutorial 4 Prime 4 [...]

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Rane Twelve now performance hardware in DMC championship...

Well, this really speaks volumes for the Rane Twelve. Crossfader is proud to be a Rane dealer but it is easy to be proud of such a solid brand.From Rane:"RANE DJ are proud to announce that as of 2019, the RANE TWELVE will now be accepted as performance hardware in the DMC mixing championship events. [...]

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Build Your Own PA Speakers - A Celestion Guide

If you are handy on the tools and are in to high quality sound this is great project for you.10 Inch 2 Way Plans12 Inch 2 Way Plans15 Inch 2 Way PlansThese plans contain a complete guide on building pro class PA speakers using Celestion Speakers and make a perfect project for any music lover.

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Akai Professional Force Announced

Earlier this morning Akai Professional announced a possible successor to the MPC throne, simply called; Force. From what we've seen so far, this looks like a next-generation production and performance powerhouse. Think a hybrid MPC/Push and DJ system all rolled into one and 100% standalone. This is big. Believe the hype.Akai Pro's Force will be [...]

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