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Denon PRIME Series Software Updates Sounds Good

Posted by Andrew on

Latest version enables direct import of Rekordbox collections in Engine Prime, plus musical key-change/sync, on-screen crate/playlist editing and enhanced search capabilities to SC5000/M.

Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, announced on 14th May 2019 that it has released their new V1.3.1 firmware update for the SC5000/M Prime media player and Engine Prime music management system. This new V1.3.1 release unifies the feature set across all Prime Series hardware units and adds a significantly more powerful music preparation and performance workflow for DJs. Importing, editing and playing multiple format DJ collections has just been taken to the next level, representing a truly 'open to all', future-facing DJ system.

Highlights of the new V1.3.1 Update are as follows:

v1.3.1 Update for ENGINE PRIME

  • Direct import of Rekordbox playlists, hot-cues and memory loops
    Removing the fear of change for any cautious DJ, this new feature makes any time-invested, carefully curated Rekordbox collection (of any size) directly accessible within Engine Prime v1.3.1. A quick and easy import procedure makes it simple and fast to bring in Rekordbox playlists, songs, hot cues and memory loops, all in readiness for selected collection export to the SC5000/M and Prime 4 units.
  • Speed improvements to Serato, iTunes and Traktor imports
    With digital music collections getting larger and a DJ's time becoming more valuable, Engine Prime v1.3.1's greatly increased import speed brings in your Serato DJ, NI Traktor and iTunes music collections faster than ever.
  • Fixed an issue where some tracks were not imported from external collections.
  • Fixed an issue where some tracks were not packed to external drives if duplicate files exist across multiple locations.
  • Fixed tracks not auto-analyzing when imported as Crate/Playlist from iTunes.
  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, Engine Prime's Serato collection would show less tracks than Serato's collection.
  • Fixed an issue where a drive could not be ejected during track analysis.
  • Misc improvements.

v1.3.1 Update for SC5000 and SC5000M


  • On-Screen Editing of Crates and Playlists
    Crates and playlists can now be added, edited and removed directly on the SC5000/M touchscreen without the need for a computer. DJs can now take advantage of on-the-fly creation and manipulation of their music collections, live at a gig or during prep-time at the studio.
  • Musical Key Change and Key Sync feature
    Simple to use and fast to engage, DJ's can now effortlessly apply a musical key change to their tracks, up and down in single semitone increments. Instant, one button press key matching is also added and audio quality remains pristine at all frequencies. Standalone, harmonic DJ mixing is here!
  • New Search Filter criteria menu
    SC5000/M users can now search massive music collections with additional criteria, like ‘Comments' and 'Date Added.' Song Lists can now also be sorted using these collection criteria additions.
  • Improved High-Frequency response and Speed Resolution to track playback
    Crisp and dynamic high-end frequency playback is ensured for DJs, who demand the very best audio reproduction and playback on today's mobile, club and festival sound systems. In addition, speed slider resolution is now adjustable in 0.01% BPM increments for ultimate, precise flexibility in the mix.
  • SoundSwitch StagelinQ Support
    A new update to Denon DJs StagelinQ protocol enables full control over both simplistically automated or complex programmed lightshows as the SC5000/M and Prime 4 units are now functionally integrated with SoundSwitch vs1.9.

Additional Performance Features

  • Add a user preference called “Pitch Control Type” which allows the Pitch Bend buttons to be set to Range by default.
  • Increased speed slider resolution to 0.01%
  • Key button will blink when key is not set to its default pitch. Shift pressing the key button will reset it back to the default pitch.

Collection Features

  • Added Collection Management features.
  • Song lists can now be sorted by additional Metadata like Comments and Date Added. When sorted by criteria, that criteria is also shown.
  • Added ability to constrain search to various fields, including Comments. This is done by pressing the downward facing triangle in the search bar.
  • Holding Shift while scrolling through crates/playlists/folders will now jump by page, just like the song list.
  • Increased the touch area of the song list slider, making it easier to scroll via finger.
  • Keyboard no longer closes when clearing a search.
  • Tweaked keyboard touch areas to minimize false presses and accidental closures.
  • Keyboard now reverts back from numbers to letters when a space is entered, or if closed and re-opened.
  • Touchable scroll bars now are thicker than non touchable scroll bars and give visual feedback when pressed. Song list scroll bar touch area has been increased for easier touch scrolling through large song lists.

Misc Improvements

  • Added Collection Management features.
  • Disabling layer B will now throw a warning if there is a track on deck.
  • Improved loading to deck handling so soft takeover does not kick in unnecessarily.
  • Improved selecting and ejecting of drive behavior.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added Collection Management features.
  • Fixed an issue where the song would jump in position when scratching after adjusting the grid and exiting grid edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the center wheel screen would occasionally freeze when reverse, censor and slicer actions were performed.
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly starting and stopping a motorized platter could result in small audio pops.
  • Fixed an issue where the SC5000M's motor would play back at the incorrect speed.
  • Fixed an issue where when playing two synced tracks on separate layers, the playing track would sync to the newly started track.
  • Fixed an issue where loading songs from the prepare list would occasionally load the incorrect song.
  • Improved search accuracy - fixed several issues where searching for numbers would return false results. Also fixed an issue where in rare circumstances searches would leave out results.
  • Fixed an rare issue where pressing pause would not pause the track.
  • Fixed an issue where libraries created Engine Prime v 1.0.3 or earlier would not load the collection properly.
  • Fixed an issue where turning off 3 or more units simultaneously would cause a unit to hang upon shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue where after searching, the song list would not be brought into focus and loading via knob would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where after searching, the song list selection would jump to the bottom of the list and only 2.5 would be visible on screen.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

Note: All Prime 4 units come with the 1.3.1 firmware/features update.

PLUS! - V1.2 Update for X1800 Prime Mixer

The X1800 mixer now has integrated OLED screen improvements for adjustable brightness and screensaver modes, plus a new 'limiter' icon to show if active. Utility settings for microphone send, gate and frequency adjustments are also added as well as 'tap-tempo' flexibility improvements.


  • Add display auto dim/off screensaver mode
  • Add ability to adjust display brightness
  • Add limiter icon on display to show when limiter is active
  • Add microphone gate threshold setting
  • Add ability to send microphone signal to headphones
  • Add additional frequency bands for microphone EQ low setting
  • Increased TAP tempo limit to 500 BPM
  • Add manual TAP override mode

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue for MIDI data sent over USB 2
  • Improved channel level gain distribution
  • Improved Utility Menu structure
  • Improved channel fader data sent over Ethernet
  • Various UI improvements

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