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New Ortofon DJ CC MkII Cartridges!

Posted by Vart on

Celebrating their 100-year anniversary, the tech heads at Ortofon Denmark have completely updated their popular concorde range of DJ cartridges. What might appear as a skin deep cosmetic refresh actually goes much deeper - the new CC MkII range is a complete re-imagining of the concorde, and comes from 4-years of research, development and consultation with many world-class DJ's. 

The main improvements that you will see in CC MkII over the older generation concordes:

  • Bigger, more robust chassis. The older styli won't fit on these bigger cartridges.
  • Enhanced stylus cutout, which lets you see exactly where the stylus hits the record much easier.
  • Stylus is easier to remove and re-attached - less chance of damaging or incorrectly fitting the stylus.
  • Fingergrip is now removable and customisable. No more broken fingerlifts ruining a perfectly good cartridge!
  • Enhanced tracking ability across the entire range. Get Qbert-esque tracking with even the base model.
  • Better performing, longer lasting, better sounding cartridges.
  • Updated cosmetic finish. These carts look damn good!

Check the new range of Ortofon DJ CC MkII cartridges, styli and accessories by clicking the image below. Available now!

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