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Rane Announces New DJ Products

Posted by Mark on

It's been quiet at Rane HQ for around a year now, and then BOOM - Rane dropped a massive bomb when it unveiled the next heir to the scratch mixer throne, the SEVENTY-TWO at the National Finals of the US DMC's.

Wow - what a mixer! It looks like a cross between a Sixty-Two, a DJM909 and S9. When the product was officially announced the next week it had DJ's super-excited, with a multi-touch capable hi-res screen as the centre piece, plus all new Mag3 faders and tonnes of grunt - all in a rugged Rane-esque metal chassis. 

Along with the official announcement of the Seventy-Two came the TWELVE. Something loads of DJ's have been dreaming of since Numark's CDX/HDX products of yesteryear, a controller with a full 12" motorised platter. No more skipping needles, in fact - no more needles at all! Instead, this controller feels like a turntable, but is essentially up to 4 virtual decks in one, and hooks up directly to the Seventy-Two via USB (which we think has the potential for very low latency connection).

More information on these landmark products and the ability to pre-order them can be found in the links below. We're anticipating either a late 2017 arrival to possibly early 2018.

In other Rane news, the MP2015 Limited Edition and new SL4 are expected to arrive into Australia 1st week of September.

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