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Alesis release the Strike Multipad and it looks the goods

Posted by Andrew on

Alesis have today released a great new looking product to add to their electronic drums range, the Strike Multipad. With a it selling for around $999 it out prices its competitors.


MultiPad boast 9 cusomisable RGB pads, 4.3" full-colour display, built in sampler/looper

32GB storage, 5 built-in effects processors, over 7000 sounds for unlimited creative opportunities.

Calling all Drummers! Alesis has announced the introduction of their new Strike MultiPad electronic

drum instrument, an incredibly capable and versatile device that far surpasses the performance and

creative potential of any previous electronic drum pad. Never before has such sheer percussive power

been built into a single unit or been so easy to play – redefine your kit, upgrade your sound and add a

sense of true, customisable individuality to your performance!

Alesis designed the Strike MultiPad around the drummer’s requirement to be able to sample, edit,

loop and perform in an unprecedentedly seamless manner. To that end, the MultiPad offers an

immense 7000+ built-in sounds, 32GB of storage and the ability to record samples from any source

(smartphone, mic, off the internet, via USB, from virtually any other audio device). Capture every subtle

nuance of your performance - the nine velocity-sensitive pads have customisable RGB lights and are

easily configured for maximum playing convenience. Plus, the customisable RGB lights under each

pad guarantee that players will never miss a beat – no matter how dark or foggy the stage is. There

are five built-in effects processors and a Custom Effect Control, so players can really personalise their

sounds/loops. Plus, there are multiple ins/outs with USB audio and MIDI interface, multiple external

drum/cymbal triggers and an Alesis-exclusive 4.3” colour screen to make checking system status or

performing edits a snap. This kind of total percussive firepower is simply not available anywhere else,

even in multiple units.

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